Decision-making in Political Projects

POL.ACC decision model emphasizes the project owner (s) decision-making process and goal management in 2 steps:

  • Each project stage is a project: a pre study project, a pre project and a main project.
  • The project owner (s) inserts a PA-“project responsible”  in each project (project stage) who ensures anchoring to the owner (s) and quality of the project result through direct follow-up of the project manager in each project.

The POL.ACC decision model is unique in facilitating efficient  ownership involvement in project development and gives the owners an active role in the decision-making process.

POL.ACC is a project development tool where you work flexibly within the main framework  in the POL.ACC model. You work in a concept, planning and implementation room.
The concept room is available for evaluating strategic changes in the planning – and implementation projects.
Relevant competence in risk management is introduced.

Contact: Bjørn Gustav Nielsen, tel. +47 97 52 54 12